Fun Bustin’ 64 – Egg Bustin’

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Quit wasting all that time cleaning up after the mess from broken eggs, now you can contin that mess and tell a joke about eggs at the same time! Also, the Fun Busters dive deep into another set of challenging song lyrics!

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7 responses to “Fun Bustin’ 64 – Egg Bustin’”

  1. Bob Bowen says:

    Found your web cast from a link from Facebook. Enjoyed your humor VERY much!! Tax Day 🙂 I remember being at Disney with Nancy with Lindsey calling about her tax forms.. Ha Ha !! Glad you found them.. Get on with the Joke already…. Really.. On the stove? Eggs? Easy Cracker… Where do you get one? Brows eat eggs? Should serve him up some. No EGG SHELLS!!! listening to you pod cast and making comments…. To Funny! Complicated – Eric is a mechanical Engineer. Not Complicated!

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