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Do you have a habit that you want to stop?

Many people struggle with habits for a long time. Biting nails, touching your face, smoking, picking at your teeth; there are many habits that we do without thinking and wish we could stop.

Many people fail at stopping habits when they aren’t replaced with other activities. Unhealthy habits, like the ones listed above, usually occupy your hands in some way. Replacing harmful habits that normally occupy your hands with a fidget toy is a great way to stop those types of habits, and that’s why fidget toys have become so popular recently.

Just another fidget toy? No.

Spinners make noise, fidget cubes are boring, and everything else is loud and disruptive, or they fall out of your hands. The Hizzle Fizzle® requires some dexterity to start, but once you get the hang of it, you will not be able to put it down. And that’s alright, because you can play with these anywhere without distracting others.

You can play with these in:

  • Meetings
  • Classrooms
  • Commuting on the bus or train
  • Waiting in line
  • Waiting at the restaurant
  • Or to keep noisy kids occupied in quiet places

There are so many fun ways to play with the Hizzle Fizzle. Here are just a few!

With different color sets, you can mix and match colors and trade some with your friends! Stay tuned, because more color sets will be coming in the future!

The Hizzle Fizzle was just recently fully funded on Kickstarter, and the first backers all received theirs, and now I am making more! You can pay confidently with PayPal below. Each Hizzle Fizzle is made by hand, by me, so it may take a week or two before they are delivered, but I will stay in touch with you to keep you informed on the progress if it is longer than 1 week.

To Order the Unicorn Hizzle Fizzle (for $16 + shipping) (for only $12 + shipping) (Yellow, pink, and mint) click here:

To order the Tranquility Hizzle Fizzle (for $16 + shipping) (for $12 + shipping) (Purple, blue, and mint blue) click here:

UNAVAILABLE, In the Vault…

To order the Sherbet Hizzle Fizzle (for $16 + shipping) (for $12 + shipping) (Yellow, orange, pink) click here:

To order a double pack (1 Sherbet and 1 Unicorn Hizzle Fizzle for $22 + shipping, click here:

If you would like to order a large quantity of Hizzle Fizzles, email me directly at funbustin@gmail.com for more information