Hizzle Fizzle® Order Form

Do you need to be one of the first people to get a Hizzle Fizzle®?

The Hizzle Fizzle® stands out as a fun toy that people play with anytime and everywhere.

These toys are played with everywhere! They can be played with in:

  • Meetings
  • Classrooms
  • Commuting on the bus or train
  • Waiting in line
  • Waiting at the restaurant
  • Or to keep noisy kids occupied in quiet places

There are so many fun ways to play with the Hizzle Fizzle. Here are just a few!

With different color sets, you can mix and match colors and trade some with your friends! Stay tuned, because more color sets will be coming in the future!

The Hizzle Fizzle was just recently fully funded on Kickstarter, and the first backers all received theirs, and now I am making more! You can pay confidently with PayPal below. Each Hizzle Fizzle is made by hand, by me, so it may take a few weeks before they are delivered, but I will stay in touch with you to keep you informed on the progress if it is slower than expected.

To Order the Unicorn Hizzle Fizzle (for $12 + shipping) (Yellow, pink, and mint) click here:

To order the Tranquility Hizzle Fizzle (for $12 + shipping) (Purple, blue, and mint blue) click here:

To order a double pack (1 of each Hizzle Fizzle for $22 + shipping, click here:

If you would like to order a large quantity of Hizzle Fizzles, email me directly at funbustin@gmail.com for more information