Sneak Peek of the Hizzle Fizzle™

The Hizzle Fizzle pieces twist apart and together

The Hizzle Fizzle (patent pending) will launch soon on Kickstarter. Sign up below to be notified when it launches so that you don’t miss out! There will be a DISCOUNT if you pledge on the FIRST DAY.

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The Swizzle Swip Swap, my favorite way to play with the Hizzle Fizzle
One-handed Hizzlin’
Watch that Swizzle roll

There are so many fun ways to play with the Hizzle Fizzle, and it will help you to focus and listen without distracting others. Sign up here to get notified when this Kickstarter campaign is live!

There are many benefits to using fidget toys for people who struggle to focus. The campaign will also offer the opportunity to buy many Hizzle Fizzles in bulk at the cost it takes me to make them. This is the perfect gift for schools and other organizations. This bulk discount will also be ideal for retailers.

February 25, 2019