Fun Bustin’ 44 – Football Bustin’

It looks like the University of Florida needs a new head football coach… The logical conclusion is that Fun Buster Eric should be that new head coach for UF #coachEric! He has all of the know how, experience, and interest needed! He is capable of looking at the problem from so far outside the box, he doesn’t even know where the box is! But hey, aren’t we supposed to be talking about a ball? He can coach that team to victory with his super secret plays (based off of wildly successful plays from various sports movies, such as the Flying V and the annexation of Puerto Rico). The Fun Busters also look into purchasing a new Ace Power workout machine to help strengthen their core, when all of a sudden, Fun Buster Eric is shrunken to mini size and Fun Buster Lindsay is worried! What should they do?

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