About Fun Bustin’ – A New Fun Podcast!



We are some fun loving podcasters with some fun things to share. We talk about fun ideas that are out there, and we come up with some of our own! We will always keep it clean and light, this is the perfect thing to listen to when at work or around the house to help the time pass while focusing on other things. All of our episode are located here:

All Episodes Here!

You will always bust your fun-o-meters when you hang out with the fun busters! You can stream or download our episodes on this website, or you can find us on iTunes or any other podcast catcher, like Beyond Pod for Android.

You can find links to our “Get Your Baby Through The Day” CD in our store at the top of this page. It has fun songs like “Go to Sleep” and “Eat Your Food”, and these songs have worked with every baby we’ve tried them on. We’re like the pied pipers for babies!


We are always up for suggestions or topics to talk about. You can email us at funbustin@gmail.com, like us on facebook at facebook.com/funbustin, follow us on the tweet box @FunBustin and pin us at pinterest.com/funbustin/. We used to release a new fun podcast every Wednesday night at midnight, so now you can schedule your week around us!

We will never sell your email address and it will only be used for this podcast and various other Fun Bustin’ podcast related things.